Luck is Created; Create Your Own Luck

Today I am going to address a topic that is rarely talked about. Let us begin by asking ourselves a question; Why do some people succeed while others don’t? Is it really about hard work only? Are there hard working people who are failures? Is it that some people are just lucky? Many things go into creating success and today we are going to address issues that are rarely addressed. Eliminate these 5 things and create your own luck. 1. Habits That Put People Off i. Smoking (smelling of cigarette smoke). There are people who cannot stand the smell of cigarettes. Others are allergic to cigarette smoke. If you are a smoker, I am not going to tell you that have to quit smoking, but you must have a way to keep the cigarette smoke and smell away from people. Maybe there is a good toothpaste you can use several times in a day (if you smoke more than once) or there is a mouth freshener that really works for you. Just ensure that you don’t lose deals because the smell of cigarettes puts people of. ii. Inappropriate dressing (ill fitting clothes: too tight, transparent, too short, excessive use of make-up, inappropriate choice of colours. There are certain colour schemes that don’t give the impression of being professional so choose your dressing code carefully). iii. Habits that disgust people such as picking your nose, chewing gum when talking to people, not using a handkerchief when you should, not smiling, not brushing your teeth, having body oduor, excess perfume/cologne, etc. Picture this scenario. Someone approaches you to look at a product she is selling. The sales person looks so upset you begin to ask yourself whether someone beat her up and forced her to go into selling. A smile does not cost much but it accomplishes so much, opens doors. Be pleasant and exude confidence and energy. Practice smiling often. Personal magnetism is very important if you are going to become successful in life. 2. Being Out of shape To be successful, you need to maintain your weight within normal ranges. Being excessively overweight shows that you lack discipline, that your are to lazy to take care of your health and well being. People will be asking themselves how you will be able to deliver on your promises when you cannot even have discipline in your own personal life. How many of the world’s most successful people are excessively overweight? You have to take care of your health and well being. Eat right (cut out junk foods, eat wholesome foods, avoid eating too close to bed time). Incorporate an exercise regime into your lifestyle as well as a good, natural, wholesome dietary supplement to fill in your nutritional gaps. 3. Lacking the Right Balance Between Being Too Pushy and Being Too Soft I remember years ago when I was working in a certain office. I was expectant at the time and a certain insurance agent was promoting some packages. He showed me the education package and wanted me to buy for my unborn baby but it was not a priority for me at the time. He would not take no from me and kept on coming to the office without appointment. It became too much till whenever I would see him walking in through the door, I would leave my desk and go work from somewhere else till he left. Has someone tried to sell you something you didn’t need and the person simply wouldn’t leave you alone? You said NO numerous times but the person would not accept your no, would keep going on and on about how great whatever they had to offer is. Have you ever blocked someone for being to pushy? Some people are too pushy while others are too soft, they don’t persist at all, don’t really ask for what they want. Those who are too soft give the impression that whatever they are doing is a bother and they are too happy not to push through with it. To be successful, you need to have the right balance. You believe in what you have to offer. You are excited about it. But you also know that it cannot be for everyone so you approach people with confidence, are assertive but not pushy. You don’t get upset and emotional about being told NO. You are able to ask questions without getting upset; “Sir, is there any reason why we can’t do business together? Do you have any concerns that I need to address?” You need a certain level of persistence without becoming a nuisance. 4. Not Being Truthful I am in the network marketing industry and I have seen a lot of people mess up big time by not being truthful. I know that it is tempting to exaggerate things and end up telling white lies in an effort to get ahead but it works against you in the long run. Repeat business and referrals hold the key to success so you don’t want disappointed clients. What good does it do to lie to a prospect that the product you are promoting will do what it actually cannot do? How many people get to hear about how ineffective that product is because it does not do what it is supposed to do? Under promise and over deliver. 5. Cut Out Distractions There are very many attractive things happening all around us. If you are in sales, there are very many good products and services you can market. I look back to the time I got started in the network marketing industry. I was completely inexperienced and ignorant. I used to think that I would have better chances at success if I had all manner of options to offer. If someone did not have a need for the dietary supplement I was promoting, I could show them the sanitary pads or probably the irresistible perfume. Failures diversify because of fear; if one fails at least the other one might succeed. How many successful people do you know who wear different hats, who ride two horses at the same time? To be successful, narrow your focus to very few things and by all means, focus only on one industry. Start paying attention to the small details and create your own luck. Set yourself apart from the multitudes at the bottom. This article is written by Susan Catherine Keter Life and Health Coach with Trevo LLC, USA Telephone number: +254728999136 Website:

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