Financial Independence is a Choice. It’s Your Life; Take Charge!!

Jane is at the prime of her life; she is in her mid 30s, married with 2 young children. She has a diploma in human resource management but has not been fortunate to get a permanent job. She sometimes gets short term engagements on and off, nothing long term. Her husband Joe is a high school teacher. He has been in employment since the 2 met almost 8 years ago. Joe has a drinking problem. He cannot control his drinking and wastes most of his money in bars. He is also abusive. He calls Jane all manner of unprintable names, even in the presence of their young children and has been violent on a few occasions. The children are traumatized and they fear their dad. Jane cannot discuss anything about their family’s future with him, for fear of being abused. Jane is one desperate woman. She has no reliable source of income so she feels trapped in the relationship. Her mother is widowed and battling a number of health complications, so moving back home is out of question. She has appealed to everyone she can think of to connect her with a job but so far none is forthcoming. She feels like a victim, that she has no choices in life. Jane’s situation is not unique. Nearly half the population in Sub-Saharan Africa lives on less than a dollar a day. Dis-empowerment – a lack of self-confidence, fear and inability to take charge of one’s own life – is widespread. Many people have been conditioned to believe that they cannot act on their own behalf. They have accepted to leave their lives in the hands of third parties; the government, aid agencies, relatives, or even God. Taking charge of one’s life in order to alleviate one’s circumstances through one’s efforts is a foreign concept to many. The no. 1 reason for the situation is lack of information/ignorance. High illiteracy levels are a major problem but ignorance affects even the educated. Lack of financial literacy is widespread in all levels of society. Changing the world begins with changing one person; me. It is of utmost importance that I take control of my life. It is my life. I and I alone have a right over it. Either I take control over my own life or I become someone else’s slave!

Each and everyone of us has our own genius, our unique gifts and talents. It is up to me to search within myself to discover my personal genius and get it to work for me. It is my responsibility to enhance my God-given gifts and talents in order to create for myself the life I crave. It is up to me to say NO to distractions that hinder me from staying focused on my goals. I owe it to myself to acquire the knowledge and expertise I need to harness my genius. I am not going to rely on a third party to change my life for me. It is my life, my responsibility. Life Transforming Financial Independence Africa Taita Taveta Forum When? Thursday 17th November 2016 Where? Maghonyi Hotel, Voi Time: 4.00 p.m. RSVP: Susan Catherine Keter on +254728999136 for reservation Website: Facebook:

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