Give Yourself Permission To Live A Full Life!

“I don’t have a choice. I have no job.” I hear these words every now and then in the course of my work with women. The school system confines us to a narrow field called ‘our profession.’ Before we get to train in a professional field, we are complete human beings; we have strengths and weaknesses, hobbies, interests, passions and so much more. We are more than ‘our profession’. But the school system teaches us that we earn a living in that small area that we specialized in. We neglect other areas of our lives because they do not necessarily help us to ‘get a job’. We have ignored so much about ourselves that is crying out to be developed and exploited. I took a break from my career to raise my kids. The years I was at home with the kids taught me lots of stuff, changed me for good. I discovered so much about myself that I had never known. I discovered that I am passionate about empowering people and especially women, that empowering people to realize their full potential is like a second nature to me. When anyone says anything to dis-empower women and tries to brainwash them that accepting no standards at all makes them good women, I feel like I am stepping on a hot coal. I have interacted with too many people who are damaged because they were raised by dis-empowered mothers, mothers who felt trapped in situations they could not get out of, lest they got labelled ‘bad women’. I cannot hold my peace in the face of such. I have come to appreciate that there is so much to each individual than just ‘one’s profession.’ Giving ourselves permission to realize our full potential is really fulfilling. I can enjoy my talents and turn them into streams of income, even when they have absolutely nothing to do with my field of training. Hobbies and passions are diverse, ranging from singing, sports, working with children to writing, blogging, painting and much more. We need to give ourselves permission to live full lives, to stretch the limits and try out different things that interest us. We will be happier, more fulfilled people, not to mention financial benefits. Life Transforming Financial Independence Africa Taita Taveta Forum When? Thursday 17th November 2016 Where? Maghonyi Hotel, Voi Time: 4.00 p.m. RSVP: Susan Catherine Keter on +254728999136 for reservation Website: Facebook:

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