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I remember the days I was growing up in the village. Everyone knew one another, knew each other’s parents and siblings, even their grandparents. There was no fear of violent crime such as kidnapping or rape. We could play freely in the neighborhood without any fear. The only thing that is constant in this life is change. Our bodies change, the weather patterns change, our neighborhoods change, our cities change, our children grow and change, the economy changes, the work environment changes; everything is constantly changing.

Are you going to change with the times or lag behind and perish? When I was growing up, both my parents were teachers. My mother constantly reminded me of the importance of employment. People who were not in formal employment did manual jobs for the employed ones; tilling their land, taking care of domestic animals, washing their homes and clothes, etc. Not being in formal employment was the worst thing that could happen to one. Technology changed the whole landscape but many people are still living in the past, still holding on to the values our parents and grandparents believed in yet this is another day. What is the basis of our belief systems? Beliefs are formed from a young age: i. Upbringing: our families loved us but the values they instilled in us are not compatible with today’s circumstance. ii. Experiences: School and our parents discouraged and punished mistakes, made us fearful of taking risks. Pushing the limits or questioning the status quo got us into trouble. We got conditioned to following the masses. We need to turn the spotlight on our belief systems and question what we believe. Are my beliefs really my beliefs or societal beliefs? Are they giving me the life I desire and deserve? Whether we like it or not, the traditional career path is no longer adequate for today’s circumstances. Our parents would get absorbed into formal employment and work for 30, 40 years for the same employer and retire with a pension. Today, people change employers every few years. They reach a point they are no longer attractive to employers so they get edged out of the job market. They find themselves retired before they are ready, and without a pension! And for those who are lucky to remain in employment, they find themselves overworked and underpaid. They are forever in debt and they also have no free time for their families. You need to question the traditional career path. Is it what you really want for yourself? Is it going to give you the life of your dreams? What challenges do we grapple with today? * Shrinking job market (The job market cannot cope with the demand). * High cost of living (the cost of living grows at the pace of a cheetah while salaries grow at the pace of a tortoise). Many educated, employed people cannot make ends meet. * Job insecurity: today you have a job, tomorrow it’s gone. (Retrenchments, companies closing down certain markets, changes in government and/or organizational leadership, jobs being replaced by technology or cheap labour, performance contracts, etc.) Retiring with a pension is now a myth! * High levels of dependency in Africa: aging parents, siblings, extended family (empower them to fish for themselves rather than giving them a fish daily). Relying on adult kids after retirement is no longer workable. They too are struggling to survive. * Job dissatisfaction: Highly educated people with jobs that do not match their qualifications. Question the status quo; don’t follow the masses blindly Years ago when the network marketing industry made its appearance in Kenya, most professionals shunned it. It became the route of escape for failures and jobless people. Today, professionals are struggling in a very hostile environment. They are highly qualified but the competition is too stiff and they are not getting ahead financially. The only thing they pride in is titles and being recognized by society, but they are really struggling to make it in life. Many qualified people are finding themselves jobless after retrenchment and retirement. People are looking for solutions. Why should you look at network marketing? Network marketing has produced some of the most highly paid professionals in the world. There is no ceiling on income. Build your business consistently for 10, 20 years and you could attain incomes beyond your wildest imagination. On the other hand, there is a ceiling on income if you are in formal employment even if you work for 30, 40 years. Chance to build a long term career that has no retirement age, no risk of retrenchment, no discrimination based on gender, disability, ethnicity or any other thing. Work hard for a number of years and build a big business, unlike small businesses that are very common in Kenya (they are dependent on an individual’s ability to work, have no passive/residual income, have no capacity to grow into big, international businesses). Establishing a big business normally requires a lot of capital (company, franchise). Do you have dependents? Create incomes for some of the dependents who are hardworking but have no jobs, or have jobs that are not up to their level of qualifications. Don’t give them handouts; plug them into the system and get them trained to earn their own income. Work a full time job and build a secondary income, separate yourself from broke, employed people. Network marketing is the best self development course I have ever come across. This will impact other areas of your life positively, including your job and relationships.

Network marketing is a solution for hard working, high achievers who could have struggled all their lives in traditional jobs. Invest in yourself. Develop people skills. Develop self-confidence. Acquire the key skills required for a successful network marketing career. Become a pace setter as people seek solutions for today’s challenges. Show the way, that network marketing is a respectable profession for those who will invest in becoming professional. Become a lighthouse so that those who are seeking solution’s to today’s challenges can look up to you.

This article is written by: Susan Catherine Keter, Life and Health Coach, Trevo LLC, USA Website: Facebook: Telephone: +254728999136

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