Network Marketing; Does Is It Really Work?

I have often covered the topic of targeting the wrong people for your network marketing business. This is a major cause of failure in the industry. That, however, is not the only likely mistake you make when you rush to build a business with little or no experience; like an athlete who takes off before the start whistle. 

Rushing to start building your business does not necessarily mean that your performance will be ahead of those who start slowly and pick up gradually, those who learn at least the most important skills first before beginning to build.

The most likely scenario is that you are likely to spend money unnecessarily without getting a return on your investment. You are likely to get disillusioned and quit, believing that the claims that network marketing is the key to wealth is nothing but fallacy, a sort of scam. 

Success in network marketing is dependent on your own confidence and belief in yourself and your worth. Preparation is everything. Expertise builds your self-esteem and ensures that people are going to take what you say seriously. It increases your chance of enrolling people into your team. Chances of rejection are higher when you are not sure about what you are talking about, which only increases your chances of giving up and quitting.

Many factors work together to bring about success in network marketing. Compensation plan, the company, products. the leadership of the company and the team you join all determine whether you succeed or fail. 

If you learn at least the basic information about the industry before you start building, you get the opportunity to evaluate all these factors and find out whether you have chosen the right opportunity that will work for you or not. Sometimes as you learn and find out more about the industry, you discover that the company you have joined is not the right one for you.

Once you learn to evaluate different network marketing companies, compensation plans, products, teams and the support they provide their teams; you sometimes realize that the opportunity you have signed up for is unlikely to take you where you want to go. This gives you a chance to choose an opportunity carefully, one that will work for you.

Chances are that if you had already rushed to start building your team, you are likely to find it more difficult to move to a company that fits better with your personality and your goals, even where you are almost assured of failure if you continue. You will have the conviction that you have already put in so much without getting returns, so you will most likely continue chasing a mirage.

I remember a case I witnessed some years ago. A single mother who was struggling to provide for her family after losing her job was introduced to network marketing. 

The first company she was introduced to was marketing luxury items costing US$500+ per item, yet she had never marketed anything before. This was an online business, yet she did not have any computer skills. She quickly signed up and took a bank loan to purchase the initial mandatory requirements for herself and her 2 adult children whom she put as her first paid up downlines, which cost her around US$1,000, before she could even begin her journey to financial independence.

What if she had taken the time to learn and compare different opportunities before putting money into an opportunity that she had little chance of succeeding in? She could have made better choices. Attracting the right downlines who will build a successful team is largely dependent on you and the value you add to their lives.

People are likely to take you seriously and to gladly join your team if they view you as an expert. If you can help them to evaluate different companies and compensation plans, show them why one opportunity is likely to work better for them than the other sort of opportunity; they will be more likely to join you than if you have no clue why they should join your opportunity rather than the one someone else is promoting.
If you have the facts on your fingertips: what do they need to do to qualify to earn, how do they build a successful business; people you tell about the opportunity are likely to pay attention to you and to finally join your team if they are looking for an opportunity to earn extra income.

Like it or not, there is a lot of negative information about network marketing out there, so you better be well equipped to counter it with facts before you can expect to build a successful business. This free webinar is an eye opener about the benefits of network marketing. Click on the link for instant access:

Competence is important for success in anything you set out to achieve. Network marketing opportunities vary widely all the way from the compensation plans to the products and requirements for earning the top incomes possible, and you are going to need to have the competence to guide the people you sponsor in these matters that are crucial to their success.

If you just convince people to join your downlines yet you cannot provide them the support to make it work, you are going to be building your business on a foundation of quicksand. Retention rate will be very low even for those who had good chances of success. 

Take time to acquire the necessary expertise, then go on to build your network marketing business on a strong foundation. The returns may take the time to come, but when they do, they are likely to keep on flowing for many years to come. It will be more like igniting a chain reaction that will grow your business beyond your wildest imagination. Network marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, so take the time to prepare adequately and you shall reap great reward.

This article is written by Susan Catherine Keter, Life and Health Coach, Trevo LLC, USA

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5 thoughts on “Network Marketing; Does Is It Really Work?”

  1. hi susan,am very impressed with your 38yrs and employed as receptionist. what i make is barely enough for my family's basic needs.i've never been business oriented but the way things are going am left with no choice.
    Being a success -coach and mentor do you think i can earn a little something on the side with this web marketing and whatever else opportunities there are on the web?
    what i know is that I really have a way with people.
    I'd really like to learn ,could you help me?

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