Network Marketing Success Tip: Is Your Warm Market on Fire?

Most of us fear introducing our network marketing business to people we already know. We have convinced ourselves that people around us are not interested in network marketing, so we only target strangers. We actually want to wait until we are successful before we can show our family and friends about the opportunity. 

Ask yourself if you are grateful that someone thought highly of you to show you the opportunity that you are now so passionate about. What if the person thought that you were not interested and therefore never told you about it?

Think of how you got convinced about network marketing yourself. Were you taken by surprise that the person who introduced you was actually involved in network marketing? How did the person convince you? 

I look back to how I got sold out to the opportunity I am so passionate about. The person who sponsored me was not a stranger, but someone I had known for years. I knew him as a very senior professional where he works, so I was taken by surprise when he told my friend and I about a network marketing opportunity. The way he presented the business to the two of us was very friendly, not under pressure or anything like that.

Everyone that you know would be interested in earning extra income. Just look around you and see the different things people are doing to make extra cash on the side. And for those who are not doing it, just look at the many times they complain about high bills and how badly the economy is doing. That tells you that they would welcome a legitimate opportunity to diversify their income. 

The truth is that we put off people about network marketing by harassing them to buy products from us, or by giving them the impression that they have to harass people around them to buy products. We present the opportunity to them wrongly, so they obviously reject it. There are tips that can help us successfully sponsor people in our warm market. 

Prioritize your list 
 Forget about trying to get everyone you know into your downlines. That will never work. It is not everyone in your circles that will be worth approaching for your network marketing opportunity. Prepare a list of possible prospects, people who would be interested in earning extra income. Look at that list critically, and pick just 2 or 3 people who are self-motivated, hard working and have good work ethics. 
Not everyone who is complaining about the economy will make a good prospect, so be very selective. Think of it like this; have you always been in the network marketing industry? No. Someone convinced you to do it. So you can also convince someone else if you make up your mind to do it. 
 Use the right approach 
 Many times we approach people with the impression that they have to harass people to buy products that they don’t need. The truth of the matter is that success in network marketing is not based on a few people selling a lot of product till they become a nuisance to everyone around them. Success is in the power of numbers. This means that if you get many people each to do something little, it all adds up to something big. 
Imagine this scenario. You introduce your brother who runs a financial services business to sign up in your network marketing opportunity. You give him a sample of the product and he loves it, but he is not sure that he can afford it. So you explain to him that he can not only afford the product simply by replacing a few items that he does not really need from his normal shopping, but he can also earn extra income by introducing 2 or 3 other people to join his team and to be buying the product for their own use, and by teaching the people he introduces to duplicate that as well. 
If he succeeds to do that, he can quickly develop a team and start receiving a pay check possibly in a couple of months. Approach your warm market as business partners, not as buyers of the product or sales people. 
 The Opportunity to solve financial problems for many 
Network marketing gives you a real opportunity to solve financial problem for many people. Simplify the network marketing concept as a solution to the economic problems, by approaching it from the angle of being paid to become your own customer or to consume products. 
You teach your downlines to introduce the concept to people in their circles from the angle of solving economic problems. Support every person you enroll to learn how to introduce the opportunity to others the same way. 
Don’t think of network marketing in terms of selling products to people, but in terms of bringing many investors on board, each managing their own corner and all of you earning form the entire team’s efforts. Do not teach downlines to introduce the business as a sales business, but as an investment to enable each person achieve their financial goals. This is like helping every individual to buy a small franchise of an international company and managing it successfully, achieving financial independence in the process.

Always remember that our networks are made of many extended networks, so people that you know will lead you to people that can really team up with you and build a great team. If a person you approach is not interested, ask them for a referral. They are likely to know someone who is. If you never tell them about the business opportunity, how can they ever tell those others in their own networks who might be looking for a business opportunity? They simply won’t because they have no idea. 

You may be saddened one day to attend an event for the company you are building in, only to run into your sister’s best friend as she is being awarded as one of the top achievers in the company. Imagine the look of surprise on her face, followed by the words, ‘you mean you also do this, why didn’t you tell me?’ 
Network marketing is the business of networking, sharing ideas with people around us. It is not the business of harassing and bugging people to buy products that they don’t need. We are in the business of helping people solve their problems, and one of the major problems affecting most people is financial problems. How many things do we recommend to people in our circles; where to get their hair done, get their car serviced, a good school for their children, a quiet neighbourhood where they can get a house, and much, much more. We never get paid to do that, yet they listen and often take our advice, and sometimes even share it with someone else. 
The greatest mistake we make when talking to our warm market about our opportunity is approaching them as ‘a salesman’ instead of just being ourselves and talking with them the same way we share with them information about anything else. Introduce the business to them to gauge their interest and if they are open to an opportunity to earn extra income, provide them with the information they need to get started. But never put pressure on them or harass them, which is likely to strain your relationship. 
All you need to start telling people about the business opportunity is enthusiasm and some basic information about the opportunity. You do not have to wait to become an expert before you can succeed in getting people interested in teaming up with you in your business opportunity. You don’t want to reach a point whereby you find your sister or your brother in the competition, only for them to get shocked that you are also in network marketing and ask; ‘why didn’t you tell me?’
What has been your experience in building a team? Do you have any questions? We would love to hear from you.
This article is written by: Susan Catherine Keter
Financial Independence Africa

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