Success Is A Choice; Create Your Own Reality

When I first read Napoleon Hill’s best selling book Think and Grow Rich, it transformed my life, forever. I come from a past of battling depression and I know the reality of being deep in the pit, with no hope at all. Our thought patterns determine our reality. What determines our thought patterns? Our past. My mother battled depression from the time she was expecting me and throughout my childhood. I grew up to battle depression too. Both my mother and I are well today. I still remember how my mother beat depression, after years of being incapacitated by the illness. She made a decision that she was not going to allow anything to put her down. She said that if someone said negative things to her, she would completely switch off and refuse to hear those things. She used to take sleeping pills to help her to sleep (something I also did). She decided that she would not used them ever again but once her head hit the pillow, she would shut out every thought and allow only colour black in her mind. She was able to transform her reality by taking charge of her thoughts. When I was down with depression, I was addicted to negative thought patterns. I always looked at circumstances from the point of view of what could go wrong. I forever expected someone to hurt me. If someone told me something negative, I would think about it over and over again, ask myself all manner of questions and think how unfair it was. Learning to tame my thoughts was a journey, and I conquered it. Do people still say negative things to me? Absolutely! Do I like it when I am told negative stuff? No. But those things cannot affect me for more than a few moments and I promptly replace them with positive thoughts. I pluck weeds in my mental garden as soon as they make their appearance. Transforming your thought patterns from negative to positive will not happen automatically; you will have to train your mind. Be conscious about what you allow into your mind. This might be a bit difficult if you have been addicted to negative thought patterns for too long. Give yourself some consequences for permitting a negative thought into your mind. You might need to take measures such as putting a rubber band around your wrist and whenever a negative thought shows up in your mind, pull the rubber band and release it. The temporary pain is a kind of a whip to train you. You have to learn what works for yourself as you take yourself through this training. You have to learn otherwise your life will not change.

All thoughts are processed by the conscious mind and held as truth by the subconscious mind. We therefore become what we think about the most. Our thoughts attract people, things and circumstances. ‘Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone can dream and make his dreams come true.” – Napoleon Hill When you learn to control your mind, you control your reality. We have thousands of thoughts every day. Like breathing, we are always thinking but we rarely notice it. What are your predominant thoughts? Worry about paying bills or something that could go wrong like loss of job? Regretting something that happened in the past such as money you lost, a relationship that didn’t work out or some mistake that you made? How about making a conscious decision that the past is just but a story and it cannot be changed so you will not waste another minute regretting anything? How about making a decision that you will focus on the life you want, not on what could go wrong, after all it might not go wrong anyway? Think of a perfect future for yourself. How would it be like? Where would you live? What would your house look like? The furniture, the carpet, the curtains, the compound? What car would you drive? What colour will the car be? How about the interior of the car? And your kids, what schools/universities would they attend? Give yourself permission to dream and you will slowly but surely begin to attract more of what you desire. “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” – Buddha Learn to discipline your mind. Decide the reality you want and focus on that. Hate weeds so much that you uproot them the minute they rear their ugly heads. Nothing has gone wrong. Nothing needs to go wrong. Cleans your mind of impure thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Transform your life by cleansing your mind of all negative attitudes, self destructive beliefs and ideas; and replacing them with positive ideas and beliefs about yourself and others. Always expect the best out of life, expect the best from others. Aim for complete harmony of thought, word and deed. Eliminate all contradictions from your life by purifying your thoughts. Thoughts are things; they have power to create so choose the reality you want to create. This article is written by: Susan Catherine Keter, Life and Health Coach, Trevo LLC, USA Website: Facebook: Telephone: +254728999136

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