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The Challenges of The 21st Century Whether we like it or not, the traditional career path is no longer adequate for today’s circumstances. Our parents would get absorbed into formal employment and work for 30, 40 years for the same employer and retire with a pension. Today, people change employers every few years. You would think that becoming an expert in your line of work and climbing up the career ladder is the key to job security. Not today! It makes many unattractive to their employers as they become more and more expensive for the company so they get edged out of the job market and are replaced with less experienced people who are cheaper to hire. Experienced people find themselves retired before they are ready, and without a pension! And for those who are lucky to remain in employment, they find themselves overworked and underpaid. They are forever in debt and they also have no free time for their families. You need to question the traditional career path. Is it what you really want for yourself?

What are the challenges that have become the reality in Africa today? * Shrinking job market (The job market cannot cope with the demand). About 50, 000 graduates are churned out of public and private universities in Kenya every year piling onto the number of unemployed youth in the country estimated at 2.3 million, according to the ministry of Education. * High cost of living (the cost of living grows at the pace of a cheetah while salaries grow at the pace of a tortoise). Many educated, employed people cannot make ends meet. * Job insecurity: today you have a job, tomorrow it’s gone. (Retrenchments, companies closing down certain markets, changes in government and/or organizational leadership, jobs being replaced by technology or cheap labour, performance contracts, etc.) Retiring with a pension is now a myth! * High levels of dependency in Africa: aging parents, siblings, extended family (empower them to fish for themselves rather than giving them a fish daily). Relying on adult kids after retirement is no longer workable. They too are struggling to survive. * Job dissatisfaction: Highly educated people with jobs that do not match their qualifications.

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