Discover the GREATNESS living inside of YOU!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Discover the GREATNESS living inside of YOU!

Trevo CEO, Mark Stevens, is a man on a mission. A man who believes that greatness dwells in every man, woman and child. With over 25 successful years in network marketing, Mark knows how to empower lives and create a legacy of empowerment around the world. Join Mark as he launches the 2017 World Tour.

This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC so make plans to attend at least one of these life changing gatherings and learn how to:

* Attract the right people in your business
* Learn how to connect with others to grow your business
* Develop Customers to create consistent volume
* Customers are the core to any strong business.
* Empower Your Leaders

Mark will be sharing the secret to great leadership and how to live the empowered life of Wellness, Prosperity and Legacy.

Kenya – March 6th (Do you live in Kenya? Ask for details if you would like to attend the event)
Uganda – March 8th
Rwanda – March 9th
South Africa – March 15th
Tanzania – March 12th
Japan – March 19th through the 21st
London – April 5th
Italy – April 6th
Germany – April 7th
Brussels – April 8th
Paris – April 9th

You can learn more about Marks travel schedule for the world tour by visiting GET PLUGGED IN and experience the Trevo Extraordinary Life Style!

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