Rise Above The Challenges of The 21st Century

We are living in a day when everything we were taught from a young age has been shattered, torn to shreds. We grew up knowing that if we worked hard in school and got good credentials, we would get good jobs and life would be smooth.

Technology has turned the world upside down and now we are faced with a situation we did not prepare for. Professionals are going on strike all over the place; they worked hard, got good credentials and made it to their dream careers but things are not exactly as they anticipated. The dream jobs have turned out to be disappointing. We are faced with challenges no one prepared us for.

* A shrinking job market (The job market cannot cope with the demand).

* High cost of living (the cost of living grows at the pace of a cheetah while salaries grow at the pace of a tortoise). Many educated, employed people cannot make ends meet.

* Job insecurity: today you have a job, tomorrow it’s gone. (Retrenchments, companies closing down certain markets, changes in government and/or organizational leadership, jobs being replaced by technology or cheap labor, performance contracts, etc.)

* Retiring with a pension is now a myth!

* High levels of dependency in Africa: aging parents, siblings, extended family (we need to learn to empower them to fish for themselves rather than giving them a fish daily). Relying on adult kids after retirement is no longer workable. They too are struggling to survive.

* Job dissatisfaction: Highly educated people with jobs that do not match their qualifications.

The fact that the school system did not equip us with skills on how to be self employed does not help things. It is possible to be highly qualified in one’s field and still not be competent to build a business around those skills.

I have put together a coaching program that prepares professionals to turn their skills and expertise into income.

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