15 Best Online Jobs – Make Money Working from Home in Kenya

So your job has ended suddenly because the bank or media house you have worked for probably for years has retrenched staff and you are one of those affected? Have you just retired from employment? Maybe you are employed and love your job but your income is not enough to take you through the month and you are open to welcoming a venture that earns you extra income in your free time.

There is no better way to earn money from home in Kenya than doing online jobs.

  • Minimal startup costs
  • Convenience of working from home so no commuting
  • No employees
  • No need to hire business premises

If you own a laptop or a smartphone, keep reading. Most of the online jobs require no investment at all; just access to reliable Internet and your time.

Top 15 Online Opportunities in Kenya

Here are top 10 ways to earn income working online from home in Kenya, without any investment.

1. Article Writing
2. Article re-writing
3. Academic Writing
4. Data Entry
5. Virtual Assistant
6. Affiliate Marketing
7. Become a seller on Fiverr
8. Online Shops
9. Blogging from Home
10. Online Forex Trading
11. Web Design
12. Graphic Design
13. Providing Training and Consultancy
14. Selling photos online
15. Selling stuff you no longer need on olx Kenya

1. Article Writing

Just about anyone who is literate can write. We write every day; we send sms messages all the time, post updates on Facebook, jot down some notes about tasks that we need to accomplish, send emails, write job applications and much more. Everyone can write but becoming an article writer takes a decision and personal effort.

To become an article writer, it is important to have a good command of the English language and to also invest the the time to polish up your writing skills. The more you write, the better your writing skills become.

Begin by getting yourself a notebook and write in it every day. Jot down notes about things you observe in your day to day life; scenes you capture on the trip from your home to the city, what is happening on the bus, a discussion that is on radio as you commute, the happenings on busy city streets; everything and anything can give you a theme for your writing practice.

Learn to write as much detail as possible; colors, sounds, smells, tastes, scenes, activities, body language, facial expressions and much more. To be a good article writer, love reading. Also spend time learning about article writing from online sources.

Educate yourself about the dos and don’ts of article writing such as issues of plagiarism. Every good writer is well read, but copying another person’s writing and making it your own is a criminal offense.

Invest in developing your own writing style and you will not need to plagiarize anyone else’s writing.

2. Article Re-writing

This is different from article writing in that one is updating an already existing article by changing the phrases and expressions used and the organization of ideas. One might be required to add new information. Article rewriting is a skill one needs to practice.

Read articles and re-write them in your own words. Update them by adding new information. The more you practice, the better you become.

There are various article rewriter tools available online that can help you practice this skill. They are good for purposes of practice and cannot be relied upon to do the article rewriting work on behalf of an actual person.

3. Academic Writing

Academic writing is a genre of writing that is used by university faculties, students, and researchers. It pays better than article writing but is also more demanding in terms of the research involved as well as in terms of formatting, structure and referencing. The ethical aspect of this sort of writing has  been questioned because it is sometimes used by students to pay freelancers to do assignments for them.

4. Data Entry

Data entry is the most basic of the online jobs. It is the equivalent of a copy typist’s job; entering information from a scanned or PDF document to a word or Excel document. The main skill required is good typing speed and ability to be accurate.

This is a good place for an inexperienced person to begin working online but it is important to invest in the skills required for more specialized jobs as doing data entry long term is not only low paying but is boring and does not give room for growth.

5. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an online personal assistant. This person is hired to undertake tasks such as managing social media accounts, maintaining diaries, making appointments, cold calling, editing content and blogging.
A virtual assistant job description is wide so it is important for the one looking for such jobs to have a clear description of the tasks they are good at and to indicate that clearly when applying for jobs. 

6. Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer promotes services or goods on behalf of a merchant. The affiliate handles all matters to do with promotion but does not stock the products, directing customers to the merchant who handles the sales. The affiliate marketer is paid a commission for every successfully completed sale, which is a percentage of the sale price.

Network marketing is a kind of affiliate marketing. The difference is that a network marketing distributor is paid on their sales as well as the sales of the organization they puts together. This can build up to a substantial income if they consistently grow a team.

7. Become a seller on Fiverr

Fiverr is a freelancing platform where buyers post small jobs called gigs. All the jobs are charged at US5. This might not sound like much money, but it is a very good platform to begin to earn money online working from home. Any skill that is useful online can be sold on Fiverr; logo design, article writing, photography, art or web design can be sold on Fiverr. The key is to do some really nice gigs that enable you to get a long term client or clients. It is a great platform to start building long term working relationships.

8. Online Shops

Running an online shop simply means taking your shop online and targeting the online population. Decide what goods you want to sell online; second-hand clothes (mtumba), new clothes, shoes, hand bags, baby clothes, toys, handbags, shoes or whatever goods you wish to stock in your online shop.

Select a catchy name for your online shop. Register a domain name and have your website configured for e-commerce. You can also operate your online shop on the Facebook platform. Open a business page on Facebook and configure it for payments. This is very easy. Register for Mpesa Till Number and you are good to go. Take clear, sharp photos of your merchandise and do your marketing professionally.

9. Blogging from Home

Blogging is a great way to earn money working online from home. You can start a free blog on WordPress or Google Blogger.  Begin with the end in mind.

  • Who is your target market?
  • What message will you communicate with them and what do you aim to achieve?
  • Is the topic wide enough to keep your audience engaged over a long period of time?
  • How will you come up with fresh content regularly?
To make money blogging, start by choosing the right name for your blog. Ensure that you are knowledgeable about the topic you intend to cover then go ahead and give your audience value. Be consistent in posting and ensure that your content is engaging. 
Go out and look for readers from other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Drive traffic to your blog and popularize it. Once you have the readership, start making money blogging from one or more of the possible ways such as by placing ads, through affiliate marketing or by selling your own stuff. 

10. Online Forex Trading

You will need to invest in some learning before you can make money online from home trading forex. Put in some hours into research before you embark on the journey to becoming a forex trader. Begin trading with a demo account so that you practice without risking any real money. You can build a consistent income once you understand how it works. 

11. Web Design

If you have web design skills or are willing to put in the work to learn, you can build a rewarding career working online from home. It goes without saying that to make money as a web designer you need to be able to design websites. 
As with any other field, the more you practice, the better you become so practice your skill. Offer to develop websites for people in your circles when you are starting out so that you develop your portfolio. Clients will need to see samples of your work. 
You can open an account on online freelance platforms and begin to bid for jobs. You can also set up your own website and market your skills through cold calling and other marketing strategies. The most important points to note is that you need to have an attractive portfolio and to ensure that it is seen by prospective clients. 

12. Graphic Design

You can earn money working online from home in Kenya designing logos, ads and other graphics. Register on online platforms and bid for jobs. It helps to be able to design fast since some of the tasks such as logo design could pay modestly per job especially when you are starting out so you need adequate volume of work to stay afloat. Focus on doing quality work in the shortest time possible. 

13. Provide Training and Consultancy

As you get tangible results in your field, you are going to get more and more people reaching out to you for guidance. Initially, you might help people informally but as you grow and get busy, you will find it impractical to attend to everyone who requires your assistance. 
You can earn money online working from home in Kenya coaching and mentoring people if you put a structure in place. Put together training packages that you sell for a modest fee such as US$5 or 7 per package. This will save you time and earn you money. 

14. Sell photos online

There are online platforms such as Shutterstock that buy photos. Get unique shots of wildlife, sceneries, infrastructure, nature, domestic animals, vehicles and everything that is interest. Only sell photos you have taken or edited yourself; not photos you have downloaded from the Internet even if they are free. Promote your photos and give out some free photos as samples.

15. Sell stuff you no longer need on olx Kenya

Get rid of stuff that is gathering dust in your store. Maybe your babies have grown and the baby cot and toys are just occupying space in your spare room. Create more room and make money in the process by selling the stuff you no longer need on olx Kenya.

Do you  wonder why people still stick adverts on electricity poles and trees next to busy roads in this day and age of the Internet? You can sell stuff on olx Kenya even when you have no stuff to sell. Over 50 per cent of Kenyans don’t have smartphones and could do with some help. Charge a small fee to take photos of goods and upload on olx Kenya.

You can also be a broker. Get busy identifying people who have stuff to dispose off and sell on olx Kenya.

What other ways have you been able to make money working online from home in Kenya? We would appreciate to hear from you.

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