Marriage Should Make You Thrive, Not Diminish

A human being’s life is a web of relationships or connections with different people. An individual has relationships with the spouse, family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, one’s children and many other different people.

The Marital Relationship is Not The Only Relationship in One’s Life

A married person was a whole human being before partnering with someone else to build a home together. Each of the partners had different kinds of relationships as part of their lives before they got married. Much as the marital relationship is very important, it is not the only relationship that matters and it should not destroy other relationships.

If you are married and the only relationships you have are those you and your spouse share, you are not living a full life. And if the only activities you participate in are those you share with your spouse, you are not living a full life either.

Relationships with your colleagues at work, business associates, fellow chama members, friends and acquaintances don’t have to be shared between spouses unless in cases where the two work together or participate in those activities together.

Married Yet Thriving 

A full life means thriving in all areas of life; family life, hobbies, career and social circles. Getting married does not kill one’s passions, hobbies and associations. In a healthy marriage, both partners are constantly growing and becoming better, learning new things. Jim Rohn said that anything you do not use, you lose it; brains, talents, skills or physical energy. Marriage should not stiffle you in any of the important areas of life; it should make you thrive.

You are a successful lady lawyer or school teacher and are now married. Should your husband demand that you should quit that line of work and instead run a motorcycle spare parts shop in your neighborhood? Having a life partner who supports, motivates and encourages you should make you become better at what is important to you.

Personal Decisions Cannot Be Made On Behalf of Another

Should a husband decide for his wife whether she should pursue her career or not, whether she should live with him in the city or live in the village with his parents? Should he make personal decisions on behalf of his wife? Learn more about submission in marriage here.

The world looked in admiration as Michelle Obama campaigned for her husband and also as she campaigned for Hillary Clinton, the American Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee in the 2016 elections. Both Michelle and Hillary Clinton are career lawyers and they have gone on to enjoy successful public careers on top of their law careers.

Two individuals who are both living life to the fullest and are constantly pushing themselves to become better make great marriage partners, unlike someone who feels useless and trapped in a situation.

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