Technology is the future and the future is here

You have probably heard a lot of criticism directed at technology and how it is destroying relationships. People who spend too much time online are not exactly praised. On the other hand, you might have heard a lot of complaints about unemployment and money problems. Contrary to popular belief, spending too much time online could just be what you need to solve your money problems.

Technological Disruption

People who criticize technology most probably have not taken time to learn how it works. They are behaving like someone who has visited a big shopping mall and gone into just one or two shops and is judging the entire mall by those two shops only. Embrace technology and earn money working online from home. Explore different platforms and discover what is in them for you.

The critics of technology most probably have not taken time to explore the conveniences that technology has brought. It is no different from criticizing the motor vehicle because it has taken away the precious time our forefathers used to spend together walking two or three days’ journey.
Technology has opened up the world and created opportunities to earn money working from home either on a full time or part time basis.

People can continue to complain about youth unemployment, frequent retrenchments, how the jua kali sector is getting crowded leading to dwindling of profits and how people are spending too much time glued to the screens of their smartphones or laptops.

The bold will embrace technology and learn how to make money online on platforms that offer opportunities to earn money working online.

A person who works online is in every sense of the word an entrepreneur. There are qualities that entrepreneurs need to have. These qualities make the dream of earning money online a reality.

1. Determination

Making a fortune working online is not going to happen overnight. You will do whatever it takes to realize your goals. You are ready to venture into unfamiliar territory where you take the first step when you cannot see the entire road ahead and make modifications in your plans as you learn what works and what does not. You know that you will probably fail a number of times before you find your way but the rewards of success are worth it all.

You could face rejection from people in your circles who might not understand about online work. You will be ready to change your circles, invest in acquiring skills, and relocate if you have to, or whatever it takes to succeed.

Kenyan athletes are famous the world over because of their determination to succeed. They will run hundreds of kilometers every day over hills and valleys in preparation for international competitions. That is the sort of determination required to build a successful career online. Nothing comes easy and only those who do what it takes to succeed in any venture make it to the top.

2. Being Proactive

Successful people question the status quo; they don’t just follow the masses. It does not matter even if it has never been done before, they ask; “Why not?” They see a world of possibilities where others look and see impossibilities. They push the limits, create things, and innovate. They drive change; they are not intimidated by it.

An entrepreneur does not wait for someone to push him or tell him what to do. He is proactive; does research and finds out what needs to be done. He knows what he wants and does what it takes to get it. It does not matter what odds an entrepreneur is up against; he will find a way. Jobs are hard to find nowadays; he will not stay there and blame someone for not creating jobs but he will find a way.

Success begins with a clear understanding of the destination; “I am at point A and need to get to point B”. Understanding the destination gives clarity concerning the road map or the steps to be taken in order to get there. A successful entrepreneur keeps his goals in front of him at all times.

Kenyans are known to be proactive in coming up with innovative solutions to challenges. Kenya has set the pace in innovative banking solutions using the mobile phone. Mpesa is becoming a sensation in many parts of the world. Equity Bank Kenya is another brain child of Kenyans.

3. Willing To Put In The Work

There is no shortcut to success; you have to put in the work. There is no magic bullet that transforms an amateur to a professional; it takes study, research, mentorship from those who have walked that journey successfully as well as consistent practice.

A Kenyan athlete practices daily and so does a writer. A Kenyan writer who wants to make money online will practice his writing profession every day in order to improve his skills and remain relevant. He will write about what he observes and his random thoughts. He does not only write when he has an assignment, just like a Kenyan athlete does not only run when he is competing in a race.

There is a lot that a Kenyan who wants to earn money working online can learn from sportsmen and women. Kenya is a sporting nation and Kenyan rugby is one sport that is clearly going places. A rugby player cannot score if his eyes are not on the ball. A laser sharp focus is critical for success.
Distractions have to be kept at a bare minimum. Focus means choosing one course and becoming completely obsessed with it, saturating your brain, nerves, muscles and every part of the body with the idea.

4. Courage

Making money online is not yet understood. There are many Kenyans who swear by the traditional career path and who believe that time spent online is time wasted. Family members, colleagues, neighbors and friends are likely to look down upon you and to make fun of your choice of career. They might label you ‘lazy’ or use some other degrading terminologies to describe you.

The fact that building a career from zero means that it takes time to become profitable does not help things either. It can be very discouraging to be unfairly compared with others who are deemed to be holding respectable careers.

Kenyans are fearless when it comes to hustling. They do not let failure to get a job stand in their way. There are Kenyan graduates in the matatu industry, in the mtumba business and even estate kiosks.
When it comes to rising above the belittling that comes with not following a traditional career path, Kenyans do very well. That is why they will pursue online jobs without caring about the names those around them will call them.

The Kenyan online worker will have the last laugh when those who were labeling him will be desperately struggling to stay afloat after retrenchment or retirement. They will have spent years building someone else’s dream while the Kenyan who is making money online will have devoted time and energy into becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

Those who find themselves out of job might have to turn to the very person they laughed at to be their mentor as they navigate the waters of self-employment.

5. Having A Curious Mind

Failures are not open to new things. They dismiss things they are not familiar with without adequate information. Successful people have a curious mind; are always studying and learning something new. They don’t talk too much but ask questions so that they can learn. There is a reason why we have two ears, two eyes and one mouth; using them in that order unlocks the door to success.

Venturing into a path outside formal employment is choosing the road less traveled. To succeed to earn money online requires new skills to be developed. Most of the learning is outside the classroom so the learner has to aggressively seek knowledge, like an athlete who faithfully follows the program recommended by his coaches.

Kenyans are very enterprising when there is an opportunity to earn income. They came up with the revolutionizing chama concept that started as a table banking platform and grew to incorporate serious investments.

When Kenyans grasp the online jobs concept, they will run with it. They will become unstoppable. Kenyans are not shy to explore something that actually makes them money so this line of work will quickly become very popular.

6. The Need To Learn From Someone

Venturing into an unfamiliar line of work can be like trying to find one’s way in a jungle. How do you move from point A to point B in an unmarked road? Be accompanied by someone who knows the way very well. This is why having a coach or mentor is very important as it shortens one’s learning curve.

The successful athletes and other sportsmen have coaches. It is difficult to become successful in professional sports without having a coach. It is difficult to succeed in an unfamiliar career without hand holding from someone who is experienced in the field to train and mentor you.

7. Being Online

Whether using a smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet or even a neighborhood cybercafé, one needs to be online in order to access online jobs. People who are looking for what you have to offer are looking for those services online.

The world has become a global village and you can connect with employers from around the world in an instant. The Internet delivers a global audience at your doorstep, as long as you package and present yourself right and hang out in the right places online.

Gossip or political pages are no-no if you are going to build a career working online. It is therapeutic and entertaining to spend time following updates on Kilimani Mums uncensored groups but you are not likely to get online jobs out of those pages.

Brand yourself professionally. Use your real names and real photo in your online profiles if you want to build an online career. Pseudo accounts and funny photos as your profile photo is no-no.

8. Content is King

Success in making money working online has a lot to do with attraction marketing. You cannot serve others from an empty cup so you have got to fill your cup first. Give people value, build trust, have great customer service and learn from those who are getting the results you are looking for. The knowledge you need to succeed online is not taught in school so you have to go out and look for it.

Join the Facebook pages, Twitter and other social media platforms of the people you would like to learn from. Subscribe to their YouTube channels and e-newsletter mailing lists. Read their books if they are published authors. Observe how they use the online platforms and emulate them. You do not need to re-invent the wheel.

Commit to a life of continuous education. Learn from successful people such as Randy Gage, Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Warren Buffet, Barbara Winter and Robert Kiyosaki. Invest in their books and read just like you used to read in school if you wanted to pass an exam. Commit to a life of continuous education.

9. Networking: The Power of Relationships

Success is built on the foundation of relationships. Having many people who have good feelings towards you is very important for success. If you need to build a business as a freelancer, then you need to build trust.

Having people who can link you to work or recommend you to others helps in a big way. You cannot get to hear of every available job but someone else will. People will connect you with opportunities if you enjoy cordial relationships.

Successful people know the power of networking. They pay attention to people. They build and nurture relationships, devise a way to keep in touch with people they add into their networks. They volunteer; get noticed by a large number of people. They help people without expecting anything in return because they understand that publicity is important for success.

Networking is crucial for success in making money online. Kenyans are very good with supporting each other and nurturing brotherhood. That is where the spirit of harambee comes from where Kenyans help each other during challenging times whether during sickness, bereavement, the birth of a new baby into the family or even weddings.

Determine to grow your networks every day. Avoid burning bridges. If you are working somewhere and the job has come to an end, do not burn bridges. Leave in a nice way. Walk away from situations that threaten to turn ugly rather than throwing punches.

10. Ability To Knock on Doors

Rarely does someone walk up to you and ask if you offer such and such a service and even when that happens, such cases are too few to create a reliable income.

You have to go out and look for work, knock on doors and get your name out. Practice writing wining proposals. Be proactive in making enquiries about available jobs. Kenyans are very good at applying for tenders and looking for other jobs so knocking on doors is not foreign to them at all.

Look out for job adverts and prepare adequately before responding to each one of them. Looking for jobs is a critical role of an entrepreneur. Without getting out there and looking for jobs, there can be no income.


Technology has turned the world upside down and especially in the way people earn income. Earning money online is the future and the future is here. Is the World Wide Web a place to get rich quickly? No, it is not. As with every profession, be ready to start at the bottom and build your way up through hard work and persistence.

Do not depend on luck but on the skills you will invest in acquiring, on your wining personality traits and ambition. If you want it badly enough, nothing is going to stop you from making your goals a reality.

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