Hazards of Being Exposed to Household Air Pollution

What kind of fuel do you use to cook and to heat your house?

Do you know that out of the 7 billion people in the world today, almost half of them – majority in the less developed world – are exposed to household air pollution through the use of charcoal, firewood, kerosene, crop waste or animal dung as household fuel?

Around 4 million deaths annually are attributed to household air pollution as a direct result of the use of solid fuels.

These deaths are from pulmonary diseases, lung cancer, pneumonia, stroke, tuberculosis, etc. Household air pollution also causes cataracts.

These conditions affect women more because of the important role they play in preparing food.
Exposure to household air pollution also increases the risk of pneumonia in children besides predisposing babies to low birth weight as a result of the reduced oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

Transform your indoor environment by changing to clean fuel.
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