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You have probably heard a lot of criticism directed at technology and how it is destroying relationships. People who spend too much time online are not exactly praised. On the other hand, you might have heard a lot of complaints about unemployment and money problems. 

Contrary to popular belief, spending too much time online might just be what you need to solve your money problems. People who criticise technology most probably have not taken time to learn how it works. Embrace it and grow your business to levels you never thought possible. Explore different platforms and discover what is in them for you. 

Technology has opened up the world and created opportunities to earn money either from completely new ventures such as freelancing, or by building a traditional business online. The bold will adopt technology and learn how to ride on it to fatten their wallets. 

Define your target audience 

Know who your target audience is, who you are seeking to influence. The audience goes beyond the customer. You’re looking to build a community of people – peers, influencers and opinion leaders. All these people are assets to your business in different ways. 

What messages appeals to your target audience? How do you connect with them and engage them? Your aim is to give them value and not just focused on trying to sell something. 

Have clear goals 

Begin with clear goals and be focused on them. Don’t do your business as one beating the air; with no clarity, no plan and no road map. 

Do not behave like a hawker at the street corner who is desperate to sell goods to anyone and everyone. 

Once you are clear who your target market is, focus on connecting with the right people and building relationships with them. Converting visitors to your online shop to paying customers takes time so be consistent and patient. 

People who act desperate to make a sale are not attractive to anyone. They are a put-off and people avoid them. They tire people and end up in the no-friends-left club. Give your audience value 

Successful people bring value to their audience. They empower people and transform their lives. People are attracted to them because of the value they bring on board. 

Successful people know how to position themselves and bring value to their target market. They do not portray themselves as being desperate to sell something here and now. 

Your online shop should give people value. Research relevant topics and keep your target market informed so that they will always come back for more. Share important links and also engage your audience.  

If you sell clothes, give your audience tips about how to select accessories to match different outfits, how to match colours, what kind of designs work for different occasions and other information that enriches their lives. 

Do not behave like an amateur in marketing. Amateurs focus on pitching everyone and anyone with no clear strategy. They act like a hunter with a big gun who shoots at anything that moves. That is a no-no. 

How do you expand your networks? How do you get people to look up to you and seek to learn from you, consult with you and seek your input about the challenges in their own lives? 

Use attraction marketing 

Get people to be attracted to you. Present yourself in a way that they respect you and look up to you. Give them value and be authentic; do not come out as fake. 

You are unique. You want to learn from others and even be influenced by them including your mentors and successful people whom you consider as role models, but it’s important that you be yourself. Don’t be a copycat. 

To build a successful business, invest in self-discovery and personal development. Keep learning about new trends and stay ahead of the competition. Stand out from the crowd. 

Give yourself permission to be you and have no apologies to make for being authentic. 

To be successful in promoting your brand online, do not expect to please everyone as that is not possible. 

There are those who will connect with you and resonate with what you stand for. That is your following. Those others are someone else’s following. They resonate with someone else. Be yourself; everyone else is taken. 

Read more at: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001260941/want-to-be-your-own-boss-here-are-tips-of-how-to-make-money-online

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