Does your startup need to invest in business coaching?

Maybe you have just received the unwelcome news that you are on the list of employees who are going to be retrenched. You are in a state of panic wondering how you are going to stay afloat without a job.

Probably you are stuck at a job that you no longer enjoy. Maybe the management changed or you got a new supervisor and things are no longer what they were before. You might have worked the same job for years and you feel that you are not growing anymore or you have simply suffered burnout.

Transition from employment to self employment

Transitioning from employment to self employment can be terrifying. In fact many end up wasting all their hard earned cash because they jump at businesses they know little or nothing about because they are terrified of finding themselves without a source of income.

Business coaching is a structured program that helps you to move from point A to point B and to achieve specific objectives. If you have been an employee all your working years and have never designed and built a business from scratch, you can save yourself unnecessary struggle and losses by engaging in business coaching as you get started on the road to entrepreneurship.

An employee mindset versus an entrepreneur mindset

An employee mindset is very different from an entrepreneur mindset and changing the mindset can take years, even decades. Investing in business coaching can shorten your learning curve as you transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur.

With the structured and confidential engagement that you get from a business coach, you can learn how to confront and conquer your fears, get clarity about your long term goals and come up with a road map to make those goals a reality.

Unlike mentorship which is largely guidance that is given by someone who is more experienced than you in the area you need to be mentored about, coaching is made up of well structured and regular sessions which are geared towards a specific objective.

Business building skills

Many people have amazing skills; they can bake cakes, make home-made detergents, make shaggy mats, knit, crotchet, offer advice and guidance to others, write articles and so much more. What they lack is the capacity to package their skills into a profitable business. They lack skills in areas such as branding,  marketing and sales as well as distribution channels for their services or products.

Building a successful business takes much more than having the skills to accomplish something. That explains why many new businesses fail. As a new business owner, you will shorten your learning curve and increase your chances of building a business that lasts in the long term by investing in business coaching.

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