Turn your service business into a cash cow

We hear so much about quitting employment to venture into self employment as the key to financial freedom. So you have taken the bold step to build your own business. Congratulations!

What is normally not told is that being self employed can be a life of working long hours, struggling financially and getting stressed. It can be lonely, even scary. You can find yourself in debt, without any assurance that your business will ever break even.

Sometimes you question the wisdom of having started your own business, looking back with nostalgia to the days when you were employed and had a salary to look forward to at the end of every month.

At least you were credit worthy those days and could borrow against your pay slip if you faced tough economic times. Now that you are self employed and with no assurance of a regular income, you cannot even borrow cash, not even during emergencies.

Are you self employed and feel like you would jump at a chance to go back to employment if such an opportunity were to avail itself? Do you feel like you made a mistake to start a business, like you could have just looked for a job? This coaching program is for you.

Who is this coaching program for?

Solo entrepreneurs or professionals who are building their own businesses: lawyers, doctors, beauticians, nutritionists, psychologists, website designers, graphic designers, software developers, consultants, writers, transcribers and other professionals who are in service-based businesses.

The two-day Turn your business into a cash cow coaching workshop will take place in Nairobi the first week of December 2018. Booking is on a first-come-first-served basis. Only 20 slots are available.


What is in it for you?

Learn how to:

  • Create multiple streams of income in your business
  • Create products that customers can buy
  • Get paid over and over again for the same effort
  • Leverage the efforts of other people and systems, earning more while working less
  • Earn money from your business on autopilot

Transform yourself from a solo entrepreneur to a business owner. Transform your business into a system that is able to pay you even when you are not working.

To book a slot for the coaching program, visit: https://www.susancatherineketer.com and use contact us.
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