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Transform Yourself layer after layer

And Unveil your Authentic and Fulfilled Self

We invite you to join us on a journey of transformation; to clean your baggage from the past with the purpose of rediscovering your authentic self. Find your path to a fulfilling future and be intentional about it.

  • Do you have challenges with your relationships?
  • Are you stuck in an unfulfilling career and don’t know where to start or what to do next?
  • Are you in the helping professions and could improve your income by improving the way you help others?
  • Are you bothered by ailments that occur without a particular cause such as constant fatigueheadaches, frequent colds and flussleep disturbances, asthmatic attacks especially when you experience negative emotions, bodily aches such as lower back pain, etc.?

Many times these persistent physical ailments are the consequence of energy that has stagnated in the body due to unresolved past traumas. It is not about present circumstances. Managing the symptoms such as taking pain killers over and over again does not address the root cause. 

Peel layer after layer through this guided inner/shadow work. Change your mindset and release all those baggages that hold you back, through a journey of compassion and forgiveness. Set yourself free to live life to your full potential.

There are people who handle life situations well and no matter what they go through, they remain largely positive and in control. They have the capacity to throw off anything that threatens their balance, like water on a duck’s back.

Others don’t have this capacity. Even a few drops of water just overwhelm them. They drown.

  • Are you easily troubled by day to day issues of life?
  • Are you predominantly in low moods or are constantly overcome by anger, fear, worry or other negative emotions especially when triggered?
  • Do you easily feel like giving up when faced with challenges rather than keeping your head above the water and taking stock of what skills, tools, talents and networks you have to work with?

Physician heal yourself, is not only a common saying but a reality of life that each one of us must face up to. Our capacity to handle life situations has been shaped by our roots which are largely three factors – factors before birth also called pre-natal factors, factors during birth also called perinatal factors and factors after birth, also called postnatal factors.

Some of the seeds to your reactions to the present life situations may have been planted as early as when you were in your mother’s womb or they were passed down from grand parents to parents and then to you.

At one time, three generations of the family were inside one body. Your mother was a fetus in your grandmother’s womb and you were an egg inside her. Some people refer to these traumas that are passed down the generations as ‘generational curses’ and probably in a way they are. 

I look at these not as so much as ‘curses’ but rather generational predispositionscharacter traits or behavior patterns that are learned from one individual to another; from parent to child, from generation to generation. That’s why character traits like alcoholismviolence and beliefs often pass down from generation to generation.

Babies in the womb hear and feel the emotions that their mothers go through. Just like nutrients pass through the placenta to the baby in the womb, the emotions the mother goes through also pass through the placenta and into the baby. That’s why you should not engage in arguments and fights with an expectant mother because it may disturb or traumatize the unborn baby.  

This also applies to substances the mother consumed. There is a reason why some medications have a disclaimer that safety during pregnancy and lactation has not been tested. Substances such as alcoholtobacco, some medications, etc., when used during pregnancy may lead to emotional and behavior struggles in the baby later in life.

Some traumas happen during birth such as an injury to the head as can happen when the fragile head of a new born is not handled with care. Other factors include prolonged labour leading to deprivation of oxygen to some parts of the brain and so on.

Some traumas happen during upbringing. For example, the events that happened in the home environment; the relationship between parents and siblings for example such as harmful discipline methods.

Fights between parents, exchange of words or violence either in the home or in the neighbourhood traumatize babies and children and cause life long challenges to emotional and mental health.

Think of a situation where a mother screams and has a meltdown whenever something goes wrong in the home such as a child breaking something. The mother’s behavior that is repeated over and over again causes fear in her young child, robbing him or her of the opportunity to learn critical life skills.

A behavior that is repeated over and over again becomes a habit and with time, it becomes the way of life. An individual who gets overwhelmed when things don’t go as expected is likely to also scream and experience a meltdown in future when parenting his or her own children. These are family patterns.

That is the way family patterns are passed down from one generation to another. You need to know your history and your family patterns in order to transform yourself. 

  • How was the relationship between your mother and father? What sort of role models were they to you?
  • How was your neighborhood? Was it peaceful? Violent? Were crime rates high?
  • Did you experience any form of violence as a child (physical, emotional or sexual etc.)?
  • How was the parenting style of your parents? Did it bring out the best in you or did it handicap you and rob you of a chance to realize your full potential?
  • Did you witness others going through similar difficulties, such as one of your parents or siblings going through abuse?

Every individual is unique, shaped by very unique factors. Our personalities are therefore different and each individual requires very unique strategies and solutions to life situations. Understanding the uniqueness of each human being sets us apart in the coaching space.

Our coaching programs provide clients with diverse tools and strategies so that they focus on the specific ones that work for them.

Through this intensive and well guided personal transformation journey by Susan Catherine Keter, an internationally acclaimed Transformational Life Coach and energy healing professional, we place in your hands well tested tools and strategies to allow you to dig through the burrows of your life.

This journey will empower you to understand the issues of your past and how your history contributes to your present struggles. You will get the boldness to let go of the past as we walk with you on a journey to freedom through compassion and forgiveness.

Susan and her team will also work with you through the healing journey and how to rediscover your authentic self, empowering you to take bold steps to craft a fulfilling future for yourself.

This course is available twice a year and the next offer opens in October 2021. This course will equip you with critical life skills. The course is offered online and includes resources such as detailed manual, presentations, webinars and access to discussion groups. You will benefit from a journey mate so that you do not walk alone.

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What is energy healing?

We offer Energy Healing as a way to complement medical treatments for illnesses, not instead of treatment. If you have health conditions, make sure to work with healthcare providers even as you engage energy healing practitioners. For example, people who live with chronic pain can use energy healing for pain relief.

Energy healing can also complement conventional treatment in the management of health conditions, supporting the body to heal and regenerate itself.

Energy healing involves embracing the energy sources within us, purifying and filtering the energy within us then allowing it to circulate in order to be able to heal ourselves and others.

Energy healing practices work by skillfully allowing energy that had stagnated in the body to circulate, for example moving subtle energy from specific parts of the physical and non-physical parts of the body.

Energy healing has been practiced widely in some parts of the world for thousands of years and the benefits documented. These practices therefore have roots in traditional practices from different parts of the world such as India, Japan, China, Hawaii, etc.

Reiki, Acupuncture, EFT tapping, hypnotherapy, reflexology, pranic healing and crystal healing are examples of energy healing techniques.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that has been used for thousands of years for relaxation, stress management and for improved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Pranic healing is no-touch energy healing technique built on the belief that the body is self-repairing and possess the ability to heal itself. Pranic healing does not require drugs, gadgets or invasive procedures. It does not even require physical contact.

EFT tapping was developed from the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture combined with modern psychology. Healing is achieved through tapping on meridian points while being intentional about the message to pass to the body.

One can be taught how to administer EFT tapping on oneself, a practice that can be used every day. We combine EFT tapping with other techniques such as Ho’oponoopono, a technique from Hawaii that is used for forgiveness and reconciliation.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as a tool. It is used to induce relaxation and is effective for issues such as anxietystressphobiasaddiction issues, sleep problems, behavior problems and physical pain.

The client is guided to relax in a trance-like state so that there is no resistance from the conscious or rationalizing mind. Ego defenses are immobilized during a hypnosis session.

Energy healing is widely used for emotional healing as well as for physical healing such as for managing physical pain. It can also be used to heal others as well as to heal the planet; animals, vegetation, negative energy that characterizes places where bad things such as genocide happened and much more.

Have you heard of buildings that are claimed to be haunted? These are normally places that are characterized by dense energy because of bad things that happened there such as torture and horrific murders. Energy healing is useful for cleansing such places.

We use a multiple pronged approach in our work with clients.

My Story

Physician Health Yourself

Your Psychological and Physical Health is a sum total of your character and lifestyle. Character is not a gift but the outcome of the work you put in to recreate yourself coupled with your discipline.

I have found out that no one had perfect parents or a perfect upbringing environment. Perfect human beings do not exist.  We all have areas of ourselves that need healing and recreating if we are to live life to our full potential.  

My journey to heal myself started over 2 decades ago, from a period of time when I was battling diverse health conditions that included depression and high blood pressure. Let me say that it has been a very long journey of learning, unlearning and relearning, exploring, growing and expanding.

Where did it all begin? I got married less than a year after I graduated from university. I was 23 years old. A year later we got our first born and struggles with combining parenting, domestic chores and a career hit home.

My husband and I were getting frustrated with the struggles our baby was having to go through because of frequent changes of domestic workers who were taking care of her. I remember telling my husband that if God ever blessed us with another baby I would quit my job to raise him/her myself.

Three years into our marriage baby number 2 was on the way. I quit my job when I was going on maternity leave and became a stay-at-home mom. That phase of my life lasted for 12 years and I raised 6 children; 3 young men and 3 young ladies.

So much happened over those years. I went down with depression, high blood pressure, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, chronic lower back pain and other health complications.

In my 30s I was in bad shape health wise. I was on a lot of medications and doctor after doctor was telling me that the conditions were genetic and I was going to be on medication for the rest of my life. I sought second and even third opinion and the verdict was the same.

I had multiple health complications and was on all kinds of treatments even by specialists. Psychiatrists said that my depression was genetic and I would be on antidepressant medication for the rest of my life. Chest specialists also said that asthma was genetic. I used inhalers (one for regular use and one for emergency use).

Let me say that I was really badly off. Beside the different physical health conditions, my emotional state was a mess. I used to experience really bad premenstrual dip in mood (PMS) I would cry at the slightest provocation. I was predominantly pessimistic. I used to notice and focus on all the things that could go wrong.

I did not set out to become a transformational life coach. No. The career path found me. It has been a journey, consistently building one step after another.

First, a woman I used to buy vegetables from introduced me to juicing as a way of healing the myriad of health conditions I was struggling with.  I practiced what she taught me and my health gradually improved. I even stopped using inhalers to relieve my asthmatic condition. The stomach acidity, constant headaches and blood pressure gradually stabilized. 

I was very happy to regain my health and I started sharing my story with others. I was interviewed by the media and within a rather short time doors opened for me to access opportunities to be trained and mentored in mental health.

12 years of being a stay mom home was good for my babies. I raised them myself and I don’t regret that a bit. But I was not out of the woods with my depressive feelings even as my physical health improved. I still constantly battled moods swings. My moods were a roller coaster.

At one time on my journey I was even told that I had bipolar disorder. I did not understand me at the time and clearly neither did my carers and doctors.

The first thing I did was to drop out of medication. The juicing plan was working well and I intentionally wanted to avoid the long term effects of psychotropic medication. I had read different self-help books about emotional healing.

I had experienced both sides of medications and also observed the long term outcomes on those who were on the treatment plans. I was ready to put in the work to set myself free.

Break through Presentation in Psychiatric Conference

One thing that my many years of struggles taught me is that seeking help for emotional issues from incompetent people is like going to a quack when one has a life-threatening health condition. I was seeking help from diverse sources at the same time yet the root cause of my struggles was not getting unraveled.

I started researching how to heal in order to help myself. As I got interviewed on different platforms, people started seeking my advice when I was still finding my own way. I didn’t have the skills that would enable me to give them the sort of help they needed. I didn’t even know at the time that I could build a career out of helping people. I was just happy to get better.

My own journey inspired me to walk with others who were struggling. I started out by encouraging the people who reached out to me and referring them to other professionals.

Much as my journey led me to a lot of discoveries, I have invested in education in order to acquire the skills that I require to support others as they put in the work to heal from their own traumas.

With time I got identified by a nutritional company who engaged me to train about nutrition as part of the marketing efforts for their nutritional supplements. My knowledge and confidence just kept on getting better and better the more I educated myself and practiced.

I was able to get the supplements at highly discounted rates because the work I was doing for the company. It was after using the products for over 6 months that it suddenly dawned on me that I no longer experienced the roller coaster moods. I felt like I had been born anew.

I however still struggled with critical life skills. I invested in professional help in order to nurture myself and acquire life skills. I am grateful that I am free from all the emotional struggles as well as health conditions that I struggled with in the past.

Regaining my health was a journey that took years. I didn’t regain my health all at once. I healed in stages. I would heal one layer then embark on peeling the next layer. Gaining emotional stability and acquiring life skills took longer than overcoming the other challenges which I was able to overcome through a healthy lifestyle.

Three years ago I discovered Spiritual life coaching and energy healing. My journey to healing completed its cycle, years into my coaching career. I was finally able to release any residual negative energy from deep within me as I delved deep into shadow work.

I also finally discovered a way to package spiritual practices that have worked for me over the years to bring peace, harmony and happiness. These include practices such as gratitude, compassion and forgiveness, virtues that are universal and not the preserve of any particular religion.

I could finally use these practices professionally in my work with clients. I have been careful to strip religious beliefs and practices from my coaching practice such that I am able to work with people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

Spiritual life coaching is not about religion but about looking inwards and exploring one’s uniqueness and higher purpose. It is understanding that much as we put in the work to nurture and mould ourselves into the individuals we choose to be, there is a higher power than us. 

Spiritual life coaching is a holistic kind of coaching meaning that it involves all areas of one’s life in order to bring fulfillment and wholeness. Areas that you may not associate with spirituality such as career can be competently handled in spiritual life coaching.

I have an important side note right here. It is very important to find out what a particular spiritual life coach believes in since some might believe in some practices that don’t resonate with you. Some spiritual coaches practice religious beliefs and rituals within their practice that might not be in line with your belief systems so make sure to check that out.

I am happy to share with you what I have gained over the years. I have trained extensively over the years and I am a certified cognitive behavioral technique life coach, a certified Transformation life coach, a certified law of attraction life coach as well as a certified allowing your success life coach.

I am also a certified spiritual life coach and also certified in different energy healing modalities besides being a certified business and entrepreneurship coach. I have been privileged to travel to different parts of the world mostly as a speaker. My confidence and skills consistently grew over the years as I built my coaching career one step at a time.

I have come to learn that childhood trauma is at the root of a lot of health conditions. Stress is normally not about here and now but about unaddressed issues dating back to a time in our lives that we can’t even remember.

Focusing on here and now is like applying a band aid on an infected wound. The condition continues to get worse below the surface even as things might look okay on the surface.

If a parent died or left when the child was little…. if there was domestic violence… Violence in the neighborhood… Parents who used harmful discipline methods… Substance abuse in the family… A family member who struggled with addiction issues or was engaged in crime

All these factors form your roots, things that must first be addressed before you can expect to unveil your authentic and fulfilled self. To be completely set free, you need to open up those old wounds, clean and treat them so that they can heal.

Failure to do that means that you will continue to get triggered and bleed on people who did not cut you. You risk ruining your relationships and eventually developing health conditions that you could have avoided. 

On this journey you will be guided through shadow work, which is unraveling the factors that form your roots. You can transmute the negative energy buried deep within you to positive energy that will support you.

Our Coaching Programs


The world is changing faster than it has ever done. For example, careers that were once prestigious are no longer lucrative while some either no longer exist or will no longer exist 10 years from now.

Technology has shaken the job market the past few decades and before many could find their way, the covid-19 situation was upon the world, taking away many jobs, even entire industries.

The level of unemployment and underemployment is in an all-time high and it is becoming more and more important to use one’s imagination to create employment for oneself and others.


There are many women who find themselves in the situation I was in after I was done with raising the children. They have amazing skills yet they struggle to even pay their bills or are dependent on someone else for their day to day needs.

Some had their careers slowed down by motherhood and/or caregiving as happened in my case. Others had their careers cut short by retrenchments or closures or businesses while others found themselves not financially secure after retirement. In some cases, slowing down in a career resulted from being widowed or walking out of an abusive relationship.

There are women who would benefit from help to achieve the following:

  • Package their skills into products that people can actually buy.
  • Let people know that the services or products they offer are available.
  • Be comfortable asking for money. It is amazing that there are women who give free services and help a lot of people even give away what they grow in their kitchen gardens, bake or cook yet they can barely pay their own bills. They are uncomfortable asking for payment for their services.
  • The delivery systems. Enable customers to actually buy and access the service.

With my signature coaching program Turn your passion for helping others into profit, I walk with my clients as they package their skills, passions, hobbies, talents or expertise into real products that customers can buy. I help them to discover how to packagebrand and sell their services. Scroll down to book a free session.

  • Have you searched for a job for years without success yet you have marketable qualifications?
  • Have you suddenly lost your job?
  • Are you employed but your salary cannot keep up with the cost of living?
  • Are you in the helping professions and could increase your earning potential by improving your helping skills?
  • Are you staring retirement in the face?

Our programs are in 3 categories.

  • Coaching for individuals
  • Coaching for families who want to build family businesses
  • Coaching for groups or chamas

There are advantages with pooling resources together with others to form a team and build a business together, a concept that is very popular among women. This enables a group of women to benefit from diverse knowledge, share experiences, bounce ideas on each other and spread out the load or burden.

Handled well, a team can achieve much more than an individual can. Some of the most successful businesses in the world are family businesses. Family members come together to build one business rather than each member building an independent business.

You can be the family matriarch, bringing the family together to build a strong family business that will take care of your family for generations.

If you are in a situation where you are struggling financially, there is a way out. Turn your untapped potential in form of gifts, talents, passions, hobbies, skills, expertise and networks into income.

Enjoy convenience! Transform yourself from the convenience of your home, more like a fitness program that does not require you to go to the gym. Do your personal development workouts from home with your coach walking with you remotely every step of the way.  

Do you have busy schedules yet you desire transformation? Our coaching programs are 100% online! Choose the schedules that suit you and attend the classes without leaving your desk! No more battling the traffic jam to attend coaching sessions!!

Could our coaching program be for you? Book a free 30-minute session to help you decide.

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