The Goldmine of The 21st Century

We are now in the 21st century; the technological age. Internet has totally transformed the way of doing business. You might be in love with your current network marketing opportunity, and truth be told; it may have served you well all these years. But if it has no room for online methods of building your business, the you are stuck with a 4-seater plane in the age of the jetliner! With over 1.7 billion poeople online & at least half of those looking for ways to earn money, the internet is the goldmine of the 21st century! You have a choice to either join the gold rush or to watch helplessly as massive incomes are earned. This is not the age to bug & harass family & friends to join your opportunity when they are not interested; yet there are multitudes out there who are seeking what you have to offer. Nevertheless, the Internet is a tool, and like any other tool, you must learn how to use it well if you are to be successful. You must learn the do’s & don’ts of social networking if you are to succeed in growing your business online. You must start by building ‘brand you,’ and things like your pet, your car, your baby or a tree as your profile picture are no-no when you are developing your brand.

Socializing in social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter is more like being in a social event, like a party. If you want to know how to conduct yourself in social networking sites, then borrow a leaf from what is expected in a party. Would you make yourself the clown of the entire group, spewing out personal information that you would never dare allow into the public domain? Would you go around shoving your business or your product down everyone’s throat even when they are in the middle of an unrelated conversation! You would concentrate on socializing & building relationships & people would be interested in you and want to find out more about what you do, giving you an opportunity to present your product or opportunity to them. You do not build relationships by staying in your own corner & churning out messages about your business, without any care in the world about what is happening in other people’s corners. You would move around and say ‘hallo’ and find out how other people are getting on with their lives. You would be sensitive about what is happening in the lives of other people in your circles; are they going through a crisis such as sickness or bereavement in the family and would appreciate a shoulder to lean on? Would they appreciate someone to celebrate with because they have just welcomed the first grandchild into the family or they have just turned 18 or 40? Do they need advice about something they are grappling with? Be natural online; build relationships and more people shall be interested in you. You shall then have better chances of introducing your business opportunity to your friends; not to throw information all over the place before total strangers. Yes, the Internet is the tool that will explode businesses in the 21st century, but only for those who take time to learn how to utilize it properly. Like any tool that you have in your garage, the Internet cannot benefit you if you do not learn how to use it correctly. This article is written by: Susan Catherine Keter, Life and Health Coach, Trevo LLC, USA Website: Facebook: Telephone: +254728999136

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