Discover The Greatness For Which You Were Created; And Live It!

Money threatens to take over our lives such that we focus all our life’s efforts on looking for it. Have you confined yourself to a small area that you call ‘your profession’? There are lessons to be drawn from the Biblical teaching about the parable of the talents. You have much more talent than your line of work. You have so much more than you can offer the world.

Live Life To Your Full Potential

You are the master of your destiny; you employer isn’t. It is your responsibility to create the life you desire for yourself. What is your passion? Money makes us neglect so many areas of our lives. If money was no issue at all (imagine if you had right now all the money you would ever need such that you would never need to work ever again). How would you choose to live your life if the need to earn money was completely taken away?

1. How would you spend your time?

2. Where would you live?

3. What kind of people would you surround yourself with?

4. How would your intimate relationship be like? How about your interpersonal relationships?

5. How would your family life be like?

6. What productive work would you do? How would you give back to society?

If money were no issue at all, my ideal work (tick as appropriate):
i.Allows me to work alone
ii. Is idea-oriented
iii. Enables me to travel extensively
iv. Constantly teaches me knew things (is not routine)
v. Is flexible (not the 8-5 routine)
vi. Serves humanity
vii. Allows me to work in informal set-up such as from home, out in the open, etc.
viii Brings new people into my circles
ix Fires my creativity
x. Has global potential (is not geographically restrictive)
xi. Other (specify)

Now that money is still an issue, how can you incorporate some of the work that makes you happy and fulfilled into your lifestyle, even if it means volunteering? Earning money is very, very important but fulfillment is important too.

Social Circles

When people are single, they usually have no issues with having friends. The challenge usually comes in when one gets married, and more so with women. It is very easy to cut out friends and focus on family alone. That is a mistake. We all need support systems besides family. Who stands with you when something goes wrong in your family such as job loss, business collapse, serious illness or death of a loved one? What about when you travel away from home, do you need people? What about networks that build your business if you are in business? Family has a critical role to play in our lives but we need much more than family. A happy and fulfilled life requires the right balance between family, career, hobbies, social life and much more.


What is that one thing that makes your face light up? Is it when your favorite soccer team scores a goal? Is it watching your favorite actor/actress on the screen? Does watching the Olympics excite you and you would not miss it for anything? Is it a drive in the countryside? Painting? Life is not all work, work, work… When we were little, we used to be taught that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We never outgrow the need for hobbies. There is something magnetic about someone who lives a happy and fulfilling life. It shows in the tone of voice, the twinkle in the eyes, the body language, the way the person walks… Work hard, earn well and play hard. Give yourself permission to enjoy the things that you love.


There are people who put all their focus on making money until they become strangers to their families. They miss that moment when Junior says his first word, takes his first step or his first day in kindergarten. They miss important family occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, school events, graduations, weddings and much more. Family is very, very important. Your job will end some day but family will still be there for you so invest in them, spend quality time with them. Plan for occasional getaways with loved ones, even if for just a weekend or an afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday.


There is something that a human being has that other creatures don’t have and that is the spiritual aspect. No matter how good we are at what we do, we have our limitations. We can’t do all things and be on top of things at all times. It is important to believe in a higher power that helps you even when you reach your end. Each one of us is unique. Give yourself permission to practice your spirituality the way you believe it. Spirituality is very important in bringing balance into your life.

If today you were told that you only had one more month to live, how would you choose to live for your remaining days on earth? Do not risk coming to the end of your life with regrets. Give yourself permission to live a full life.

Susan Catherine Keter is a network marketing professional, personal development mentor, life coach and blogger. Catch me on Facebook:

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