How to start a profitable fresh juice business in Kenya

Fresh juice has diverse benefits to the human body, from weight management to treating some health conditions. There is a market for a fresh juice business. Begin by registering your business name and getting the necessary licenses so that you operate legally.

Your Niche

Identify your niche. This will require some research about different juices and their benefits. Will you focus on fruit or vegetable juices or a combination of both? Are they just for refreshment or for specific benefits such as home remedies for ailments such as bloating, heartburn, fatigue, low energy levels, healthy weight management, etc. Read my story about how juicing helped me to regain my health after I was diagnosed with depression, high blood pressure and a number of other health complications here
Do not rush to try and make a sale. Do your research carefully and give your audience quality information that they will keep coming back for more as a trusted source of information. Give credible information about real issues that affect human beings, the causes of those challenges, what to do to manage them, what juices are beneficial, etc. Educate people with passion. 
Much as research is important, do not rely on researched information only. Take those juices or give to people in your circles to try them out and give you feedback. It is very good to read and apply what you read but it is more important to put the information you read to test. 

Business Plan

For a business to succeed long term, you need to begin with a business plan: where will you operate from (from your house or hired premises), how will you promote your business, who are your competitors and what will you do differently in order to dislodge some of their clients from them, packaging and labeling, distribution channels (research possible companies such as Sendy, EMS, G4S, etc.) Come up with long term projections (up to 5 years) but prepare a very detailed and comprehensive plan for a one-year period. 
Do a detailed budget of all you will need in terms of equipment (juicer, packaging bottles, labels, etc.) Choose a juicer that gives you value for money. Saturn is a reputable brand that produces household equipments such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and blenders, among others. Saturn products are powerful yet energy efficient and are built with high quality materials for durability. The craftsmanship is state of the art. 
The low noise Saturn juicer is made from stainless steel and accommodates upto 1 litre of pulp, making it possible to juice whole vegetables or fruits. It has safety locks, overheat protection and non slip feet. The Saturn juicer does not disappoint; it gives you natural tasting, refreshing juice every time. The juicer comes with a 2 year warranty.

Business Planning

How will you market your juice? Will you rely on online or offline marketing strategies or both? Prepare detailed budgets and don’t leave out anything. Research about and plan for the different licenses you will need as your business grows. Plan for the outlets you intend to open, staff you intend to hire, increase in equipment, increased expenditure, etc. You might start with no employees but yourself and with basic equipment such as one juicer but plan for growth. 
If you focus on healthy juices, you might have to consider using organic ingredients, which will cost more. Come up with your own juice recipes. This will require a combination of research and experimentation. Try out different recipes, give some to some people in your circles to sample on condition that they give you honest feedback. Note down every detail in terms of feedback plus your own experience when you sample.
Identify your supply of fruits and/or vegetables. Some are seasonal meaning that they might not be available some times of the year. Will you grow some of the vegetables and/or fruits (which you can do even in containers in your veranda or balcony). If you can buy from the farmers direct and in bulk, you will be able to save on costs. You can also identify sellers in your area and negotiate good prices for bulk and long term purchases.
Every business takes hard work and persistence to become profitable. Be ready to put in the work and to also learn quickly from mistakes and make modifications. Learn to handle disappointments as you will definitely encounter some as you build your business. Stay focused and be patient no matter how long it takes to build a successful business. A juice business is lucrative so you should be able to build a business you will be proud of, probably even supply big customers such as supermarket chains. 


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