Helping others makes us happier, healthier and wealthier

I don’t know if you have hit some tough times in life and had someone help to make your burden lighter. I have encountered challenges in life and sometimes I craved help and did not get it. Other times someone has extended an act of kinds, making the journey easier for me. My struggle with depression and other health conditions was part of my inspiration to get into the helping profession.

How did I choose to work with women in the helping profession? What was my motivation? For one, women are naturally nurturers, because of their very important role of carrying babies in their wombs, bringing them into the world and nurturing them.

Much as nurturing comes naturally to a woman, this side of her can be lost as a result of being hurt and wounded. Some women were victims of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) while others have faced traumatic experiences in life such as domestic violence, rape, discrimination based on gender, experiencing war situations and much more.

As a woman who has faced life struggles, received help from different people and also helped others, I connect with women who help others. My coaching niche is therefore a no brainer. I work with women who are passionate about helping others, to empower them to turn their passion into profit.

Helping others contributes to our happiness and fulfillment in life. However, not all helping is the same. Helping with resentment or from a point of lack robs one of joy and eventually breeds bitterness. Helping in such terms is a burden.

Helping joyfully opens the door to a life of abundance. It is wonderful to get something for oneself but it is even greater to share it with others. Gratitude attracts blessings. It is very enriching to share our gifts and talents with others as opposed to hiding them in the soil (paraphrased from Biblical teachings).

The most joyous moment of my life is when I would hold my newborn baby in my arms for the very first time. Nothing can compare with that feeling. Watching my children achieve milestones in life comes a close second. Thirdly is the joy of touching a life. I never tire of helping other people to transform their lives. When I see a life transformed, I get overwhelmed with joy I sometimes shed tears of joy.

I have seen many lives transformed in my years in the helping profession. Something beautiful about helping others is that there is a sense of connection with the one we help, a sort of sisterhood or brotherhood. It is powerful to connect with someone and get to hear her story. It is humbling to have another person trust you with her deepest secrets, some that she has guarded close to her heart for decades and has not revealed to anyone.

Helping others strengthens communities as trust in humankind is rekindled. Some people who hurt others are really not bad people. They were badly hurt as children and learned that the world is dangerous, that everyone is potentially an enemy.

They react to situations by hurting other people because at that moment they are back to that scene where they were terrified, helpless children who needed someone to defend them but that never happened. An act of kindness to such a person can restore their trust in their fellow humans.

Helping is not just monetary. It can be in form of sharing ideas, inspiring and motivating someone who was on the verge of giving up, giving care, attention, skills or even time.

Helping others gives meaning to life, boosts self-esteem, improves mood and reduces stress. It is also contagious. When someone is kind to you, it inspires you to be kind to someone else as well. As you help others, you help to make our society healthier for all of us.

You get rewarded in many different ways for your kindness. You don’t have to stress yourself about how you will pay your bills because you can turn your passion for helping others into a profitable career. Yes, you can get paid to help others.

Book a free coaching session and let’s explore how you can turn your passion into profit. Continue making our society healthier and get paid while at it.

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