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I remember my first experience with network marketing quite vividly. The first lesson I learned even before I had a clue how to understand the company’s compensation plan was; write a list of friends and family members, do not leave out anyone. I was to call them about the opportunity I had just signed up for. I had attended one training so far, so I knew something about the business. I at least knew something about the products.

I was a good student, so I came up with a list of around 100 people, many who were well known to me. Many of these people were struggling financially while others were unemployed, so I was sure that they would be delighted to discover a new way to solve their financial problems. I promptly called them about the hot new money making opportunity I had just discovered. I sent them sms messages whenever there was a training for the opportunity. At one time, 6 of my invitees attended one training. But I discovered the hard way that I was wrong about how to go about building my business! Six (6) months down the road, I still had no single downline, despite my sustained efforts. As time went by, a few people registered, but none of them ever did anything even though I followed them up. Before long, I was completely broke and my phone was disconnected because of unpaid bills. The situation was quite a hindrance, but by then, I had become very passionate about network marketing and was going to do whatever it took to succeed. I continued attending trainings and also reading widely. I downloaded online resources, attended webinars by top trainers in the industry and read stories shared by top earners in different companies. I took notes that filled a number of books. Then, the jigzaw puzzle slowly started falling into place.

Network marketing is real business and has to be treated as a real business if it is going to pay like a real business. A business owner would never collect people indiscriminately from the street or from the family and put them to work in his/her business. So, how was that strategy going to work for a network marketing business? How were people who had never worked hard in any venture going to build a business? What about people with a negative mindset who believed that people who make it in business have to be thieves and deserve some sort of punishment? Yes, there are people who are unemployed and going through financial struggles. But the truth of the matter is that not everyone can work hard, consistently in a business that requires sustained hard work even when returns take time to come.

There are people who are wired for employment alone, and you cannot convince them to change their mindset however hard you try. You do not benefit by persuading them to join your downlines even though they may be out of employment and struggling financially. If one day they discover for themselves the benefits of building a business and want help to succeed at it, support them by all means; but do not struggle to convince them to change from the employee mentality when they are not willing. If someone believes in a job alone as the only way to earn a living, it is not very easy to convince them otherwise. Go slow on your persuasion that they join your downlines, and be patient with them. Keep in touch with them and keep them informed about trainings, without putting any pressure on them. If you have a good book like Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ offer to share it with them, but don’t expect instant transformation. One day they may see the big picture and be motivated to venture into being their own boss, but until that happens, do not strain your relationship by bugging them to join your opportunity.

For increased chances of success in network marketing, be selective about the people you sponsor into your downlines. Do not rush to recruit everyone, but take time to qualify your leads. This is one reason why online prospecting and recruiting systems perform wonders, since they link you up with people who are interested and not just anyone. Enrolling the wrong people means that you work harder and earn less, plus those people do not have the self-motivation to push on no matter how long or what it takes. They are likely to quit at the slightest disappointment, yet disappointment happens in every business. If you are new to network marketing, take time to learn the business properly before you embark on approaching people to join your team. The faster you learn, the faster you will begin to get results. Then, select carefully the people to approach. Do not be shy to approach professionals such as finance professionals, housing agents, business owners, doctors and nurses (more so if you are marketing a health and wellness product). If you have taken time and the effort to learn the business properly and become an expert plus you are enthusiastic about the opportunity, you are going to find that it becomes much easier to convince people to join you. Most people welcome an opportunity to earn some extra income, but they need to be convinced that it is a viable option, and that it is something that they can do. They also need to have the assurance that a person with the necessary expertise is going to be on hand to guide them through. So go on, target the right people for your network marketing business. Eliminate the no. 1 cause of failure in the industry. Remember that patience pays, so do not rush to get anyone and everyone into your team. Instead, concentrate on building a strong foundation for your business, and the returns shall be worth the extra effort. Once you achieve success, it will be easier for the skeptics to pay attention and be willing to learn. If you would like to learn how to earn extra income in your free time, check out this free webinar that teaches you how to make money from Facebook: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/2439268022264275715 This article is written by: Susan Catherine Keter, Life and Health Coach, Trevo LLC, USA Website: http://trevo.life/susanwamucii/ Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Susan-Catherine-Keter-MLM-Success-Coach-and-Mentor-370091803002239/?pnref=lhc Telephone: +254728999136

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