Smile All The Way To The Bank In January

The festive season is round the corner. Do you dread the beginning of the year because you are normally broke?

Make the year 2017 different by using your creativity. It is not too late for you to cash in on the festive season, which is the time of the year when Kenyans spend the most.

What are some of the areas with the highest spending: 
 * Professional services: these range from personal care such as hair dressing and beauty, hiring of transport, garbage collection, security, photography, event organizing and much more. 
* Convenience and specialty markets: Shopping for items for personal use. Supermarkets and stalls make a killing on this one. 
* Hotels, motels and resorts: This is the season when many Kenyans take holidays. A lot of them make last minute arrangements so it is not too late to do something about this one. 
* Bars and restaurants: high numbers of Kenyans eat out during the festive season 
* Clothes and accessories (shoes, handbags, gift items, etc.) 
 Do you want to welcome the new year 2017 with a bank account that is bursting at the seams? 
Do you want the coming January to be the best you have ever had?

Do your research well to know where Kenyans spend most of their money during the festive season. Find out how you can position yourself properly to be able to cash in on the spending boom. 

Make preparations carefully; which area will you focus on? 
* Will you sell clothes? Will they be new or carefully selected second hand clothes? Where will you get your stock from? 
* Will you organize transport for families who wish to travel out of the city? 
* Will you sell gift hampers? 
* Will you offer outside catering, run errands/make deliveries? 
How will you market your services? How will you make deliveries if you will be selling something? 
Are you ready to work during the festive season while others will be busy enjoying their holidays? 
Are you ready to postpone your holiday by a few days, probably working until Christmas eve? 
The Internet has made it easier to do business so get busy learning how to use the power of the Worldwide web to your advantage. Be wise. Don’t be broke in January; prepare for the harvest now. 
This article is written by: Susan Catherine Keter
Financial Independence Africa